Note:This project is no longer actively developed because the project manager no longer needs such a library. If anyone wants to adopt this project contact Eric Moritz.

What is TallXSLT?

TallXSLT stands for Template Abstraction Layer Library for XSLT. What in the world is that you may ask? Well it's a template engine based on XSLT. The TallXSLT system allows you to release variables to the XSLT without worrying about creating an XML document.


While trying to emulate a template engine in Cold Fusion, I found that the CFML code ended up breaking the validity of my XHTML files. I couldn't view my XHTML files in an XML editor and that meant I could accidentally invalidate the structure of the XHTML file. I started to come up with a template language that was based on XML and relized XSLT had everything I needed for a template engine. Accept you had to create XML documents for XSLT to transform. So this project was born. It abstracts the XML creation process so that all you have to do is pass variables to TallXSLT and it will create the XML Document for you.